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All I can say is wow! I was referred by a friend to give All American Window Cleaning a try. I’ve used pretty much every other window cleaner in the valley. Hands down, Rob and his crew are the absolute best. These guys are very fast and very efficient. They also pressure washed my driveway and sidewalks. My home has never looked better. Thanks All American Window Cleaning! – McLeod O.

These guys are fantastic – reliable, thorough and detail oriented and very friendly! Safety oriented, reasonable and professional.
We’ve been using All American Window Cleaning for several years now. They’ve been wonderful. Highly recommend! – Jordan N.

Just had All American Window Cleaning pressure wash my home, driveway, and walkways. They also cleaned my windows inside and out. These guys are amazing! Very organized and fast. Outstanding results. Been using All American Window Cleaning for several years now. Best window cleaner and pressure washer in Southern Oregon. – Kristie M.

All American Window Cleaning was an organized and professional company to work with. We’ve actually never had our windows cleaned prior to working with them, so we didn’t know what to expect when going into the service.

But after witnessing the quality cleaning job they performed on our windows, we will be expecting this level of service for future window cleanings they provide. I’ve been told that they also offer pressure washing services, which our siding, roofing, and driveway could use.

I’ll be giving them a call about pressure washing next week and hopefully I will be receiving the same quality workmanship that was exhibited during the initial window cleaning service. Thank you! – Tanya B.

Finding a competent and competitive window cleaning company isn’t as easy as one would think, so I’m going to help whoever is reading this save some time. If you’re looking for a qualified window cleaning company that is transparent, won’t cut corners during the cleaning, and is competitively priced, go with All American Window Cleaning. You won’t be disappointed. – Carolina M.

I called a few local Oregon window cleaning companies, compared pricing, reaction times, and customer service and based on those factors, I decided to hire this company. They weren’t the cheapest window cleaners, but they weren’t the most expensive either.

I leaned more towards them because the customer service was more personable and flexible with accommodating my schedule. The window cleaning service turned out beautifully. They showed up to my home on time and proved that they were highly experienced at their jobs. Money well spent! – Elizabeth M.

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